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MTA President’s Update #11:
The Health Insurance Crisis
The Longmeadow Education ssociation represents teachers, secretaries, educational support personnel, custodians, and cafeteria workers.

The mission of the LEA is to protect the rights of its members as outlined in our contracts. The LEA is the sole bargaining agent between the Longmeadow School Committee and the employees of our Association.

REMINDER - MTA Disability Plan
Did you know that your district is currently missing out on a valuable member service? Income protection is critical during these difficult economic times so it’s not hard to understand why the MTA Disability Plan is one of the most important and most frequently requested MTA benefit programs.

The MTA disability program is an easy way to offer your members the opportunity to protect themselves against economic hardship due to lost income from a disability. Income protection through the plan costs your district/town nothing but offers your members what they need. The plan is designed specifically for educators and offers extremely competitive rates. Coverage is issued on a guaranteed issue basis, and no one will be denied coverage. The plan is a fully voluntary plan; members who elect to participate pay the full cost and there is no cost to the district/town.

It’s an ideal time for you to introduce this protection to your members. To learn more about this important benefit, please contact Thomas Colbert at Vista Financial Group, 888.646.1972, ext. 3020.

Maryann C. Robinson

President – MTA Benefits
MTA Benefits, Inc.
20 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
T: 617.557.6617
F: 617.557.6645

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